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Great helpful advice

Mario and James have the best topics and bring a fresh approach for parents in business. Tactical and practical advice combined with some humor make this a fantastic show!

Love these guys!

These guys are great they give concise advice and great tips in every episode for entrepreneurs!

Useful, thoughtful, intelligent- overall excellent podcast

This show is definitely onto something. Mario and James pack each episode with truly useful and meaningful content that speaks to a demographic of people (ie parents running businesses) that are not often talked about, especially not in such a honest, helpful, and sincere way. As a parent running a business, it often feels like you should be one or the other - a parent or an entrepreneur. This podcast interrupts that narrative in a much needed way. 5 enthusiastic stars. Keep up the great work

Helpful & specific advice

I have enjoyed every episode that I’ve listened to. I particularly loved the community building episode that just dropped yesterday there was a lot of valuable information about how to put the learning into practice in your business. Many thanks to Mario and James for such a great show.

I love this!

This podcast drops gems you won’t hear anywhere else! Great info, great hosts, and great guests!

Unlocked Gems!

The conversations that take place on this podcast are filled with gems that help add value to my personal and professional life every time I listen. I would love to see these convos continue outside of the episodes because they are so refreshing to hear. I


I’m not an entrepreneur or parent but I’ve found this podcast to be incredibly instructive in my approach to my workplace relationships. Truly inspiring!

A great resource for parents who are entrepreneurs

James, Mario, and guests share really great tips and resources to help with your business. Keep listening!

Great podcast

Great podcast. I enjoyed listening to real talk.

Fun, informative, and powerful

I love this show. The hosts are fun to listen to, and they pick great guests. Way more importantly, they hit on topics that matter. One of my new favs already.

Most Helpful

Great podcast! You've got two of the most knowledgeable fellas when it comes funding, grants and etc.

Profitable Perspective

The blend of Mario and James’s experience is only matched by their chemistry. They slow it down without wasting your time, and humor in each episode. This podcast is results-based. Easy 30 minute listen.

Professional and engaging

These guys sound great. Well engineered, engaging content, and good banter.