July 13, 2022

16 - Increase Your Productivity With Our Favorite Apps

16 -  Increase Your Productivity
 With Our Favorite Apps

Increase Your Productivity With Our Favorite Apps

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In this episode, Mario and James share their favorite apps to help you be more productive and more effective in your business. 

But first, the guys shared the amazing news that the Parents Making Profits podcast is now inside the top 100 Entrepreneurship podcasts in ten countries around the world - after only launching three months ago! Thank you, everyone, for listening!

Here’s a list of the apps covered in this episode: 

  • Dubb.com - videos to increase engagement conversions.
  • Veed.io - Add subtitles and branding to your videos.
  • Descript.com - For all-in-one video editing.
  • VideoAsk.com - A tool to collect feedback from users for testimonials and more.
  • Capcut.com - Shoot & edit videos on your phone for social media sharing.
  • Typeform.com - A beautiful way to ask for information.
  • Relayed.ai - A new asynchronous conversation tool for two or more people.
  • BeFocused Pro - An app that helps you be more productive using the Pomodoro technique.
  • Miro.com - A great brainstorming and whiteboard collaboration tool.
  • Scripted.video - An easy-to-use teleprompter app.

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